Lets Party

"What happens in Miami stays in Miami". Well Maybe not, because i'm sure one of your friends told you about the crazy non stop partying that goes on in Miami Nightlife . Here at RSVPSOBE we make sure that you are at the hot spots, not just waiting in line but inside where the party is at. We are like the Expedia for partying. Our main objective is to ensure that all of our customers are able to bypass the long lines and expensive door prices that comes with going to Miami's most popular nightclubs. The only thing you need to do is come dressed to impress and be of age 21+ . Are you ready to turn up... If so book now and take advantage of the 10 percent off of deposit with the promo code (rsvpsobe)

What We Offer

We offer free drinks at our pregame from 10pm-11:30pm, followed by limo or partybus transportation to the club of choice for the night with express entry to the best clubs in miami . We also offer VIP table discounts with the Party Bus booking. Feel free to contact us for more information at 786-277-6256 or¬†[email protected]

Book Now

Book Now with just a $20 deposit and pay the remaining balance at the openbar. The deposit holds your spot, once we sell out you will be guaranteed service. Early booking is always required do to high demand and limited space on the Partybus.

Club Cameo

Friday or Saturday

$42 Ladies $62 Guys

Club Exchange 

Friday or Sunday

$42 Ladies $62 Guys

G5ive Miami

Friday or Saturday

$72 per person


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